The Company

Lalonde Systhermique specializes in optimizing steam-condensate systems and steam processes and has been perfecting over the course of three decades an approach based on the Steam-Condensate Closed-System concept. The Lalonde systhermique team is more than ever motivated by the satisfaction of allowing industries to benefit from a win-win bargain:

  • cut down on operating costs
  • increase production
  • while decreasing their environmental footprint.

The Lalonde Systhermique team is committed to observe and listen and then inform, train and support those in charge of projects so that they can meet or even surpass their energy savings goals.


After early technical studies, Gilles Lalonde starts his career as an industrial draftsman in transportation, naval construction, industrial ventilation and the first heat recovery systems. He works as a draftsman-designer for a workshop specialized in machining, robotics and pneumatic and hydraulic circuits development.

The 70’s and the first energy crisis make a great impact on his choice of career. He decides to devote himself to  steam recovery in 1981.

In 1984, he designs the first SCCS® (Steam-Condensate Closed System) and a series of related products, among which the vertical heat exchanger, which he installs at Agropur in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu. Other SCCS® follow.

In 1986, Gilles starts Lalonde Systhermique inc. and implements many SCCS®, including one at the Quebec Cartier Mining Company (now ArcelorMittal). In 1988, he aquires the Gestra distribution for Quebec and, a few years later, he becomes their distributor for Canada.

Energy savings and steam condensate  system optimization are his passion. Antoine Lavoisier’s famous quote: “Rien ne se perd, rien ne se crée, tout se transforme” applies especially well to steam. Gilles designs a SCCS® without make-up water.

In 1999, the Gestra distribution division is sold. Gilles Lalonde concentrates his efforts on energy savings with more SCCS® installations.

After being schooled in specialized education, Éric Lalonde redirects his career and becomes a technician in building mechanicals. He works as a draftsman with a number of consulting engineering firms and as a building mechanicals technician at an automation and control distributor. He teaches AutoCAD in Repentigny and teaches energy savings to stationary machine mechanics in Lachine.

In 2004, after obtaining a major contract in northern Ontario, Gilles invites Éric to join him. The father and son adventure continues to this day.