Steam and condensate glossary


Entrainment, carry-over, carryover – phenomenon by which water (containing impurities), having splashed in the boiler, is transported in the steam lines.

Feedwater pump

Feedwater pump, boiler feed pump – pump that supplies the water required by the boiler, at a pressure above that of the boiler.

Flash steam

Flash steam – steam generated by the condensate when the pressure required to maintain the condensate above its boiling temperature is suddenly reduced.


Flashing – thermodynamic process by which the condensate changes to steam as a consequence of a sudden pressure drop of the condensate.

Flow rate

Flow rate, flowrate – quantity of fluid, expressed in terms of volume or mass, that flows through a section of pipe by unit of time.

Heat exchanger

Heat exchanger – in a steam system, vessel designed to heat a fluid with the help of steam circulating at a higher temperature.

Heat transfer

Heat transfer – process by which heat is transfered from one fluid to another.

Hydraulic water hammer

Hydraulic water hammer – pressure wave caused in a condensate line by the sudden operation of a valve.