Steam and condensate glossary

Saturated steam

Saturated steam – steam in an equilibrium state with water’s liquid phase, at the saturation temperature limit.

Sensible heat

Sensible heat – heat stored or released by water following a change in temperature not accompanied by a change of phase.


Separator – vessel that collects the blow-through steam and the condensate coming out of a rotary dryer. The condensate accumulates at the bottom and the steam rises to the top part of the separator.


Sightglass – transparent section in a pipe or on the wall of a tank, that make it possible to visualize the level or the flow of a liquid.

Steam trap

Steam trap – device that automatically purges the condensate generated in a heat exchanger or a vessel containing steam, while keeping the steam from escaping.

Steam-Condensate Closed System

Steam-Condensate Closed System, SCCS® – a global steam system solution, in which all steam and condensate loss is eliminated.

Superheated steam

Superheated steam – steam that was brought at a temperature above the saturation point. Superheated steam cannot exist in the presence of water, it consequently is always 100% dry.

Temperature profile

Temperature profile, temperature gradient – graphic representation, as a function of time, of temperature measured at a specific location in a stream system.

Thermal water hammer

Thermal water hammer – water hammer caused when a bubble of hot steam encounters cold condensate. The steam bubble condenses rapidly, causing a vacuum in which the condensate irrupts, making a loud noise.