Whether your goal is to improve energy efficiency, eliminate problems or optimize your steam system,
every project starts with a pre-audit. This is the step where with make first contact with you, the customer, and develop a summary evaluation of the potential savings and opportunities for optimization of your steam system.


The second step is the audit itself :

  • Data collection
  • Global analysis of the steam system
  • Steam-trap audit : Gestra, TLV, Armstrong, Spirax Sarco
  • Confirmation of feasibility
  • Determination of potentiel energy savings
  • Proposed action plan (segmented according to priorities)
  • Determination of costs (per segment)
  • Estimation of the ROI period (per segment)


Lalonde Systhermique is a Gaz Métro accredited service provider, which allows our clients to take advantage of Gaz Métro’s Implementation of energy efficiency measures program. Qualifying enterprises benefit from a 50% rebate on the cost of our energy efficiency feasibility studies.

Other canadian natural gas providers also offer generous incentives.

We can fill out all the necessary applications for you.

Learn more about the significant incentives offered for energy efficiency projects in steam systems.