Exclusive designs

Quality parts for a durable steam system

The Lalonde Systhermique team works with the absolute best parts and equipments available on the industrial market. When existing products don’t meet our standards for performance, reliability and durability, we design exclusive equipments and have them built for us. We don’t retail sell these equipments – they are exclusively aimed at our steam system optimization projects.

The Lalonde Systhermique heat exchanger

Lalonde Systhermique designed an exclusive shell and tube heat exchanger built in Quebec according to our specifications. This exchanger is especially conceived for closed systems. Its design and vertical installation allow it to modulate on a large spectrum of temperatures without being subject to water hammer. Consequently, its useful lifespan can be numbered in decades. Moreover, our exchanger guarantees an extremely precise output temperature (± 0.5 oF).

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The Lalonde Systhermique thermo-eliminator

In a conventional steam system, corrosion is usually controlled by injecting costly chemicals in the system. In a Lalonde Systhermique SCCS®, noncondensables are eliminated mechanically, throughout the system, thanks to an exclusive device: the Lalonde Systhermique thermo-eliminator.

This mechanical elimination of oxygen and carbon dioxide radically reduces corrosion and consumption of corrosion-control chemicals. Eliminating noncondensables has another major benefit : it contributes to better heat transfers, which translates to lower fuel consumption.

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The Lalonde Systhermique TPTD™ desuperheater

Lalonde Systhermique has designed a desuperheater that maintains saturation temperature regardless of variations in steam pressure or flow rate. This unique system creates a radical improvement in thermal transfer.

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