After an extensive study of desuperheater available on the market, we have come to the conclusion that all products share the same weakness : steam comes out of the desuperheater with 5 to 10 °C overtemperature. All studied desuperheaters are controlled by a temperature probe which is unable to differentiate between satured steam and super-saturated steam (wet steam), since their temperatures are identical. Consequently, in order to to avoid all risk of supplying wet steam, all manufacturers choose to supply, after desuperheating, a temperature that is 5 to 10 °C above saturation.

The Lalonde Systhermique solution: the TPTD™ desuperheater

The Lalonde Systhermique TPTD™ desuperheater can maintain saturation temperature without the help of a temperature probe, regardless of variations in steam pressure or flow rate. This unique system creates a radical improvement in thermal transfer. For example, installed on a paper pulp dryer, it will increase production by up to 5%.

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